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How to Entertain a Bored Kitty

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

These games also work for humans, but kitties need fun too.

Pussycat Patrol / Did you know your cat will follow you - if you are nice to him? Take him on pussycat patrol after everyone in your neighborhood has gone to bed. Just make sure you bring a flashlight and a lot of patience. This is a meditation - not exercise.

Hide the Treat / Hide treats all over house. Shake the bag first and watch kitty go. This is best done daily, on your way out the door. Kitty won’t miss you.

Fishing / Fill sink up and fill with floatables. Put treats in floatables! Kitty can fish!

Ball in Box / A ping pong ball in a Kleenex box. Open ends of many boxes and duct tape together, cut a few passageway holes and now you have a puzzle.

Ride the Rug / Up and down stairs, all over house with kitty clinging to mat. Whee!

Wrecking Ball/ Build a multi-story house out of cardboard boxes and pieces. Hide balls and treats inside boxes. Have a ball watching kitty demolish.

Wreck the Fort / A variation on wrecking ball. Put sheets and blankets over a pile of chairs. Watch kitty wreck the fort.

Leap in the Linen/ Put kitty on bed and then make it. Kitty can help. Make sure you flap the sheets a lot. The bed might not get made but kitty will have fun.

Kitty Blanky / Works best with two kitties. Put one under the blanket and one on top. Watch them wrestle!

Bathtub Ball / A ping pong ball and a kitty in a tub will go a long way.

Table Goalie / Put kitty at one end of the table and shoot milk caps across the surface. Kitty should be in the NHL.

Laser Pointer / Don’t be mean with the laser pointer. Let kitty catch sometimes. Actually, I think this game is more of a punishment than a game: kitty mind-fuck.

Couch Potato / Kitty likes TV, as long as it’s about kitties / doggies / Planet of the Apes. Any animal or nature show will do: another thing to leave them with when you go out the door.

Kitty Mood Music / Kitty likes ambient music, but a big hit is Birdsong Radio or any nature radio station. You can find them on the Internet – another thing to leave kitty with on your way out the door. Google “cat tv” on youtube.

Bird Feeder Bonanza / If you have a tree out your window, put a bird feeder in it. You can feed the birds and entertain kitty for hours: two birds with one stone, no pun intended.

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