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Following the Signs

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Buddy Buddha Sees the Light

Many times in my life I have experienced an external event in the “real world” which seems to comment upon or direct my attention to an issue that has already been bothering me. The event usually manifests in “symbolic language,” directly related to the issue at hand. An animal, a film, a chance conversation, a gift, a meeting, it could be anything - but has express and unmistakable meaning to me alone.

The psychiatrist Carl Jung called these events synchronicities and throughout his career documented countless examples of them which emerged through his practice in ways that helped his patient. He was in constant trouble with his scientific-minded colleagues, insisting that these events had real meaning and purpose and were perhaps integral to growth, while others labelled them mere coincidences used by an efficient psyche to create a highly subjective, unquantifiable experience whose effect is similar to placebo.

I take these events seriously. Inside, I sense the truth of what I’ve already known but have refused to accept. I trust my subconscious, God, the universe or whatever you want to call it to guide me, because when I have followed the direction given, my results are always enlightening. When I don’t disaster manifests quickly.

To me this indicates that the universe or God or SOMETHING is on our side, trying to promote growth both in the inner and outer world. It gives me hope.

I will caution, however, that the first time I recognized such an event happening in my life, it took a while to integrate it into my life in healthy way. At first, I thought I was special, and the universe was giving me clues all the time. I was looking for them constantly, in the wrong places. I developed an unhealthy interest in superstition. That road can lead to madness. My experimentations intimately led to a place where I no longer look for synchroniticities, but recognize them when they come. I think these events are gifts. You don’t go looking or asking for a gift.

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