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Crazy Cat Lady?

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Buddy Buddha

I’ve been called a crazy cat lady because I am a middle aged, single woman with two cat companions whose company I prefer to most humans. They amuse me, provide affection, and make few demands. I do my best to reciprocate by keeping their litter boxes empty and food dishes full, and to provide daily grooming, play and outside time. Its a perfect symbiotic relationship where everybody does their part and there is no friction or argument. How is this crazy?

My relationship with my cats deepened as I got older and wiser. I’ve learned that it’s more comfortable to sleep with my cats than with any man, sex aside. They don’t hog the bed. They don’t expect my to shave my pussy. They don’t watch football all Sunday afternoon. I don’t have to think up meals to cook for them since they eat straight out of the bag and the can. They also keep themselves clean. Meanwhile, they are soft, beautiful, and delighted to see me any time of the day or night.

If a woman is lucky, she gets to a point where her own wants and needs are at least as important as anyone else’s. I would not be surprised if the term “crazy cat lady” originated with a man, simply because to some men, it seems crazy that a woman would prefer the company of a feline to his own. My cats and I are too evolved to return the insult by calling a man “crazy” for not understanding. We realize some men simply cannot comprehend the comfort we and our cats derive from each other’s company since they do not share our emotional intelligence, sensitivity and sensuousness.

The term “crazy cat lady” can be likened to any insult or slur applied out of ignorance. And since these poor men are ignorant, we “crazy cat ladies” are not going to respond - we can only pity them, who suffer both the lack of both our company and that of our pussies.

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